Banco de Alimentos Quito - Ecuador / BAQ

Helping is easy. living hungry is not

The Quito Food Bank works with the objective of alleviating hunger in Ecuador. In a study carried out by Harvard Law School 2023, it points out that more than 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted in the world each year.

Ecuador ranks second in child malnutrition in Latin America and wastes more than 900 thousand tons of food. According to ECLAC, we are the country that suffers one of the highest rates of chronic child malnutrition in the region, without mentioning that 32.7% of the population suffers from moderate to severe food insecurity.

The Quito Food Bank fights against hunger and malnutrition, we rescue food and distribute it as a donation to vulnerable people through a certified management system that guarantees traceability and allows us to be a strategic ally in terms of corporate social responsibility.

Between 2003 and 2022 we have delivered more than 6 million kilos of food, which translates into more than 19 million dishes that have benefited more than 3 million people. In 2022 alone, we served more than 80 social organizations and we have more than 700 volunteers per month, but we want to do more.

For this we need you, your donation becomes an Ecuador without hunger, “Helping is easy, living with hunger is not”; our campaign invites everyone to donate

How to donate?

The donation can be made in three different ways:

1. Donate food
2. Donate money
3. Volunteer

It’s not charity, it’s responsibility.