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Family Assistance Program

Our family assistance program has been created in response to the high demand for assistance; the cases we serve are referred by entities that certify the high level of vulnerability and specific risk in:

– Elderly individuals in abandonment.
– Individuals with special needs.
– Individuals with chronic or catastrophic illnesses.

Please note that, as a private initiative, we work with limited resources to serve an average of 600 individuals over a 24-month period, providing support and assistance during that time and then opening the option to help more people.

Family Entry Program at the Food Bank

Banco de Alimentos Quito - Ecuador / BAQ
Programa de Atención Familias - Banco de Alimentos Ecuador BAQ

Preguntas frecuentes.

Registrations are accepted in the month of August. Outside of this period, requests are processed, but there may be a delay, and they are entered into a database to be contacted as availability arises.

All applications are received, and the respective notifications are given. This process can take a considerable amount of time due to the high demand.

No, there is a complete rejection of the management of slots by third parties.