Banco de Alimentos Quito - Ecuador / BAQ


How do you wish to invest your time?


When a volunteer desires a better world, there are no limits! Banco de Alimentos Quito invites you to experience the act of donating your time to alleviate the hunger of our fellow beings. Your time can be well invested in various areas focused on food rescue and distribution processes.

It requires a certificate for pre-professional internship hours, engagement hours, or other forms of documentation.

Follow the registration process via WhatsApp: 098 320 8675

These are volunteers who are currently pursuing or have completed higher education levels and wish to donate their time and expertise in administrative areas.

Follow the registration process by filling out the following form:

This is the volunteer who assists in the sorting, cleaning, storage, and distribution of food.

Follow the registration process via WhatsApp: 099 972 0685.

Corporate Volunteering:

It’s when the company and its employees take actions that are used to promote social development in favor of vulnerable individuals. This serves to engage the staff in a collaborative team mission that makes them happy to help others while also enhancing the company’s corporate and human values.

Academic Internships and Engagement

We envision the academic volunteering of the future from home, with online training, educational talks, communication campaigns, digital marketing, and research on topics related to our work. Write to us!