Banco de Alimentos Quito - Ecuador / BAQ

Donating is easy, hunger is not

The Quito Food Bank, since 2022, has been working tirelessly to avoid food waste in the capital, providing comprehensive solutions to combat hunger and redistributing food to people with limited economic resources.

Ecuador ranks second in child malnutrition in Latin America; 14.7% live in conditions of extreme poverty and paradoxically more than 900 thousand tons of food are wasted every year.

Donating to the Quito Food Bank is betting on an Ecuador with less hunger, your donation translates into more than 2 million kilos of food delivered to more than 85 thousand beneficiaries per month; which means more than 6 million plates of food.

Donating is easy, hunger is not

The Quito Food Bank buys and collects food from different donors, classifies and stores it in an area with capacity for 300 tons in supply and 380 m3 of cold and freezing chambers with the help of more than 700 volunteers per month, delivering food to more than 80 legally constituted social organizations.

How to donate?

The Quito Food Bank on its website proposes 3 forms of donations:

1. Food donation
2. Donation of money
3. Volunteering

Help us fight hunger in Ecuador. Donating is not charity, it is responsibility